Protect your Servers!

Protect your servers against hackers, and ban evaders!
Advanced Player Log

Gain insights into players' reporting behavior, including who they reported and who reported them. Additionally, access information about their Steam account value and any Arkan violations they may have.


Server Armour is an advanced solution equipped with an extensive range of features. It is consistently evolving with the addition of new capabilities and enhanced tracing functionalities.

Ban Database

Access the largest online crowd-driven ban database and gain valuable insights into players' behaviors on other servers. Stay one step ahead by identifying potential troublemakers before they cause issues on your own server. Safeguard your community and ensure a secure environment for your players.

Proxy/VPN Detection

By collaborating with multiple VPN providers, our advanced AI technology enables us to detect and identify proxies and VPN networks used by players. Stay ahead of potential security risks and maintain a secure gaming environment with our cutting-edge detection capabilities.


Effortlessly identify players with alternate accounts, along with their ban history and associated alt accounts. Gain insights into the frequency of their previous bans and the specific alternate accounts they have used. Streamline your moderation process and maintain a fair gaming environment with our comprehensive player detection system.


Empowered by a powerful combination of the uMod plugin, Discord bot, and RCON administration tool, you gain the ability to make informed decisions about players before they wreak havoc. Seamlessly manage player interactions, access real-time information, and proactively address potential issues to maintain a harmonious and enjoyable gaming environment.


Our cutting-edge plugin is designed to automatically detect and thwart hackers and ban evaders, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The configuration options can be tailored to meet your specific administration standards, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup. Rest assured that your server's security is safeguarded effortlessly, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of server management.

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