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ONLINE - Since 20 hours ago
Last update: a mins ago
24H: 99.72%
30D: 98.97%

*Players can set their own desired time and weather!
*All Vehicles free to spawn!
*Free Skinbox to everyone.
*Start with Tier 1 BP's
*All Custom event plugins, Gas Station, Harbors, Satellite Dish etc.
*Get titles and rewards for time spent on the server!
*Enjoy in game interactive quests and custom missions.
*All player ranks can be viewed on our website!
*Virtual Quarries Place quarries via /qr
*Earn VIP and kits with in-game currency!
*Increased Industrial Conveyor and smelting speeds!
*Custom NPC's with boss NPC's that look like Hero's and Villians.
*Roleplay friendly server.
*Abandoned and Raidable Bases over 100!
*Experience a friendly, helpful social Rust
*BP's wipe monthly, skill levels wipe every 3 months.
*We have custom convoys with 2 bradleys and protection troops.
*Never any risk of player looting.
*All loot is locked to the player that does the most damage or activates it.
*We have larger stack sizes, SkillTree for better gather rates and other buffs.
*Loads of QOL plugins like faster smelting, stackable crates and personal recyclers.
*We have active admins that remove rule breakers fast.
*No Racism/harassment, or abuse allowed.

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