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?£ªWelcome to our server Free Fields
?£ªServer wipes Monthly On Client Update.
?£ªPlayers of all skill level's welcome.
?£ªJoin our community in Discord for support: https://discord.gg/jdYbgAacUM
?£ªOn our server we try to provide the best Rust gameplay.
?£ªTired of farming all day building that Yt or just want to practice building techniques with F1 spawn can just spawn items and get to building.
?£ªDon't want to die to an assault rifle or pay to win guns right after wipe an want to build that Dream base now you can in the server we have turned off PvP.
?£ªOur objective with the Free Fields Building server is to create the perfect server for players to be able to learn an practice there buiding.
?£ªWe have also added unlimited Mymini and fuel so can practice flying mini's.
?£ªWe run multiple balanced plugins to improve the quality of the game to make your building experience More enjoyable
?£ªF1 Spawn
?£ª/NoClip to Fly around
?£ªBgrade aka /up command automatically upgrade your base, Type /up 1-4 to be able to upgrade build 1 being wood 2 stone 3 metal 4 armor
?£ª/Tp Commands
?£ªTeleport Marker /tpr /teleport - to bandit or other locations using the /tp commands /bandit /tpr (playersname)
?£ª/copy /paste command able to copy your bases for future wipes just type /copy /paste .
?£ª/kit to instantly claim the builder kit and spawn in with tons of materials
?£ªSkinbox to skin items.
?Çó/sil {IMAGE URL} ?Çô If You have a sign/box. Your can put image on it by looking at it. And Typing in /sil followed by the u

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