Coastal 420 | Noob Friendly | Limited KOS

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Welcome to Coastal 420! A more noob friendly experience. If you are looking for a server to be able to learn and grow on, without the fear of being shot in the face every 13 seconds, you have come to the right place. If you are a seasoned vet, and are looking for a more relaxed rust experience, you are welcome too!
Here's what we offer:
- Limited KOS (Kill On Sight) policy: PVP is restricted to monuments, crash sites, and air drops.
- 24-hour post-wipe raid protection: Enjoy a grace period after server wipes to build up your base without the fear of being raided immediately.
- Active server owner with ticketing system on Discord: Our server owner is actively involved in managing the server and addressing any issues through our Discord ticketing system.

Since we have some unique rules, please check out our website at to see how we differ from regular vanilla servers.

- Limited KOS
- 24-hour post-wipe raid protection
- Active server owner with Discord ticketing system

Come and join us for a fun, unique place to play!

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