The Shadow Of Rust PVE

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We are a monthly wipe map only, (NO PURGE) , Also the LOOT on this server is tweaked by BetterLoot (no it is not a 2x plus server).
Looking for a exciting and thrilling server that is PVE, Role-Playing, no BP wipes and no purge days? This server might just be for you! Gather with friends and embark on a rusty journey through the dangers of the Deserts Dwellers, the high Seas and the frosty Silver Snow!
This is a heavily modded server with:
Battlepass, NPC Raiders, Raidable Bases, Hard Cargo and Hard Oil, Air Event, Convoy, Gas Station Event, Heli Crash, Airfield Event (Map Dependant), Tugboat Pirates, Cobalt Labs, Cargo Plane Crash, Boss Monsters, Zlevels (No Wipe), GUI store using economics, Backpacks (Slots go by rank), Corpse Location, Brad & Heli Signals, Bank with NPC (No Wipe), NPC Sniper plus the Hunter & Monument Guards Etc.
We have more in store for the future!!
So hop right on in!
Don't forget to use /info for rules, plus the list of commands and also to join our Discord

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