[EU] RustInferno 10X|Instant Craft|SHOP|KIT|SKIN|Raidable Bases|Trade|Tp

ONLINE - Since 14 hours ago
Last update: a few secs ago
24H: 99.93%
30D: 99.95%

WIPE: every 2nd Thursday
°Clan/Team limits: 10
°BEDS: from 20 to 80 deployable beds
°Turrets Limits: from 40 to 100
°Wipe Raid Protection: 24-hour protection after wipe

°Night length: 10 minutes
°Instant Craft
°Ability to enable or disable friendly fire between team members
°10x gather rates on everything
°RP: Earn RP to spend in the shop
°Building materials have an increased stack
°Increased the stack size
°Increase backpack size - Backpacks
°Improved and more frequent airdrop
°Clan skin and SkinBox

°Locks can be placed on vehicles
°Enable disable the crosshair
°Vehicles spawn around the map
°Quick sorting in containers or for quick loot - Quick Sort
°Improved loot
°Recycler speed 10X
°Faster and better AirDrops
°Reduced the hacking time
°Ability to change skins
°Level up the base with one command
°Repair all base with hammer
°Improved the durability of items, such as weapons, etc...
°Team members will automatically be authorized on their turrets, TC, doors, ecc..
°Splitting the stack in the furnace
°Increased the melting speed of materials
°Game information panel
°Own stash map marker, purple icon
°Wipe scheduler
°Foods doesn't burn
°Active admins

°Language: English / italiano

°No cheating/exploiting
No form of racism
°Don't insult other players
°Don't troll
°No Stream sniping
°Don't write, do, draw, post or talk about offensive things.

°Type /info for the rest of the in-game rules

Recent Players (24hrs = 14)