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Welcome to RUSTOKOR! This is a PVP/PVE server here for those who don't want to grind, don't want to lose everything on wipe, and want full customization for their armor, weapons, and bases! There is NO VIP or pay to win nonsense and nobody will ever ask you to donate or pay for this server in any way shape or form! We spend money from our own pockets to open the game up for everyone! full list of server rules, and commands on server info page! Server Quick Info: -Monthly wipes -100x gather, -Custom Loot table, More C4 in drops and crates, -Huge stack sizes -Frequent events and drops -PVP/PVE -Raiding welcome -Max group size of 4 -No BPs -No VIP -Large map size of 5000 (with all monuments, Ice lakes, mountains, etc.) -40min days and 20min nights -Full weather system -Kits -Teleports -Homes -Server Hotel with full amenities -Clans and Clan alliances -Player recyclers -Instant craft -Faster smelting -Faster farming -Faster water collection -Faster recycling -Vehicle Licenses -NPC Shops to spend server money (Rustoleans) -XP system that stays through wipes -Player backpacks stay through wipes and are upgradable -All Item skins unlocked -All Base skins unlocked -All DLC items unlocked -Scarecrows -Murderers -Extra vehicles throughout map -Extra boats -Remover tool -Upgrade entire buildings with commands -Admin on daily -Radiable bases mod coming soon!

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