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OFFLINE - Since 10 hours ago
Last update: 7 mins ago
24H: 74.15%
30D: 95.67%

Weekly Wipes Friday 7AM AEDT (Sydney time)

Welcome to Rustedworld 100x. Enjoy end game Rust without the grind.
- Skin Collections access all the latest Skins
- Parachute in on your first join per wipe (Push space!)
- MyMini
- Offline Raid markers on map
- Faster locked crates
- DLC Building Skins
- Backpacks
- Boosted APC, Heli + Events and Arenas
- Instant crafting, fast smelting and recycling
- No blueprints, radiation, weather, hostility
- Player ranks with rewards and titles
- Fast nights and longer days with skip Dawn and Dusk
- Loot+, Air drops+, Gathering+
- Anti offline raid protection
- Teleport and Homes
- Sorting, Trading
- Active stash and cheat monitoring
- Live game feed in Discord channel #server-log
- Kits
- $RP reward system with Item and Command Shop
- 24 hour VIP++ trials
- Wipe Night Event, spawn with AK kit & access raid kits
- Discord Auth Upgrades available by typing /auth

VIP Upgrades:
- Auto load all CCTV on computers + control the camera
- SkinBox to skin items
- SkinShop to access Workshop skins
- Auto build to grade HQM
- Raid Alerts in Discord channel #live-explosives-feed
- Sign artist
- Rusty Vehicle License to unlock access to all Rust vehicles
- Additional gear and resource kits
- Bonus $2,000 RP per wipe
- Shorter teleport cooldowns and more homes
- Higher reward rate of $RP

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