[AU] SVERA - MaxTeam4 | JUST WIPED 19/5

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24H: 99.95%
30D: 95.32%

Welcome to [AU] SVERA - MaxTeam4
Our servers provide a tailored experience, by balancing the gameplay and improving the quality of the game. Our servers have great performance in order to provide a great ingame experience on our server.
- Last Wipe: 19/5
- Item stacks are modified by their gather multipliers.
- 1.5x Wood and Stones.
- 2x Metal Ore and HQ Metal Ore.
- 2x Lockbox hack speed and Craft speed.
- 2x Smelt speed and Recycle speed.
 - 2x Research speed.
 - No Bp Wipe and No Tech Tree.
 - No SetHome and No Deployable Pickup Damage.
 - Kits and Clan Member TP only.
Everyone has access to; Including but not limited to:
 - Clans and Shared BPs.
 - T1 BPs and Clan Member Proximity Gather Bonus.
 - Entire Base Upgrading and Furnace Splitter.
 - Door Close while Offline and Box Sorter.
 - Destroy and Rotate Buildings.
 - Building Skins and Extended Workbench Range.
 - Compound teleports and Backpacks.
 - Raid Alerts and Bounties.
 - Always Day and Faster Respawning Loot.
 - Server shop and Playtime rewards.
 - Gather rewards and Kill rewards.
 - Recycler Shop Item and Recyclers at additional Monuments.
Make sure to join our discord server before playing, visit the link discord.svera.xyz.
Ranks are available, press to view webpage button or visit the link svera.xyz.

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