Porkys Raidable Bases PvE

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This is Porky's Raidable Bases Server
This server gives you access to the F1 Spawn Menu so you can build any base you want and then test the strength of it. and spawn any vehicle
Type /buy to see a list of vehicles you can buy
Type /spawn to see vehicles you can spawn
/buy tugboat
/spawn tugboat

STABILITY and DECAY are unchanged so the build will decay and you will be limited on design to be more realistic with other servers.
We do have a creative build server which has stability and decay off but you cannot test build strength or cost in it hence this server has been created for testing strengths of bases.

Rules are simple
DO NOT INTERFERE with other players or their builds unless asked,
Do not just spam foundations or items for the sake of spawning them and then just leaving them as you will just be banned and anything placed by you will be removed automatically.
Hate, Racism or HomoPhobia will not be tolerated in Porky's Servers
We have dedicated non playing admins to keep out the unsavoury element.
All VIP packages include a reserve slot in all Porkys Gaming servers
and are available from : https://porkys.tebex.io

You can find our other servers in the Modded tab

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Admin support available on discord : discord.gg/UwfkUTcMaK

You can find us on Steam as : Porky's Gaming
You can follow us on TIkTok where we livestream various games
You can find us on FaceBook :

And y

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