ESP Detection
ESP Detection
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ESP Detection

This is a simple esp detection tool to help you catch cheaters. Unlike methods in the past requiring cheaters to fall for traps, this one will be watching without having to give them any bait!

As with anything misconfigured, it will create a lot of noise, and false positives. If you do not understand the below instructions, or you are receiving a lot of false positives, please get in touch with me so that I can help debug, and improve the system.

If you have any questions prior to buying, please feel free to post them in the Lone.Design Discord and tag Pho3niX90#8454

esp 1

Since 1.0.12, the embed now includes a radar image to show violations (red line):

esp 2

ESP graph example

The above embed shows the culprit, with quick links to Steam, Battlemetrics, and ServerArmour. Along with each violation that caused the trigger, the consist of the violation id, the time it happened, and steamid and distance from the culprit.

It is highly recommended to use along with ADR, although not required, but can easily eliminate false positives by having the option to watch the player from the demo. 


/testesp – this will send a test embed to your configured webhook.


espdetection.ignore  Ignores specific players who are granted this permission.

Config options explanation


  • Max distance to check
    • The maximum to check if the player is ESPing. (default 150 outside, 100 inside)
  • Check Interval
    • How often should a player be checked (default 1 second)
  • Ignore Players Idle
    • Ignore players that haven’t changed position (default 15 seconds)
  • Only track players with active weapons
    • Track players that have equipped weapons only. (default true)

Auto Demo Record (only applicable if Auto Demo Record is installed)

  • Record Length
    • How long should the triggered recording be (default 10 minutes)


  • Webhook
    • Where the logs & ADR recordings should be sent to
  • Webhook Title
    • Title of the embed


  • Probability %
    • Which % probability should trigger a Discord embed and ADR recording. (default 40%)
  • Samples
    • How many samples should be kept in memory, to calculate the probability (default 20)

Weapon Specific Configs

These change characteristics of weapons

  • Weapon Shortname
  • Max distance to check
    • This overrides the general setting for the weapon only
  • Track
    • if set to false, a player will be ignored if he has this weapon equipped. (default true)

Attachment Specific Configs

These change characteristics of attachments

  • Attachment Shortname
  • Add distance while aiming
    • As the name suggests, it adds extra distance to the previous configs, useful for when aiming with an 8x or 16x
  •  Track
    • if set to false, a player will be ignored if he has this weapon equipped. (default true)

NOTE: if you are using ADR, a good command to use when reviewing the demos are debug.culling 1