Stash Warning System
Stash Warning System
13 days ago

Stash Warning System



The Stash Warning System assists in finding ESPers that unearth stashes. The plugin also allows admins to make placing bait stashes easy and simple by automatically filling predefined items in random, and disabling the ability for admins to accidentally unearth stashes whilst enabled. It will automatically delete all contents of an admin stash when unearthed, which assists in preventing admin abuse and/or exploitation by hackers.

The Stash Warning System supports:

  • Auto Demo Recorder (ADR)
  • Better Ban System
  • Server Armour


  • Notifies Discord when stashes are found that don’t belong to players (or clan if using the clan plugin).
  • Records the number of stashes found in a certain, configurable timeframe.
  • Sends discord notifications when certain events happen.
  • Admins can place “server” stashes, and they will be auto-filled with the /stash command. When a player unearths said stash, the contents will be automatically removed.
  • Stashes can also be autogenerated and placed automatically. They can be replaced as they are found in another random location.
  • It auto bans based on condition. Example: If a player finds 5 stashes that don’t belong to them within 1 hour, they are auto-banned with a preset reason.
  • It works with ADR and can trigger demo recordings based on conditions.
  • It works with ServerArmour to handle bans, else native bans. Battlemetrics will soon be supported.


  • stashwarning.admin: allows admins to use the stash placement system.


  • /stash: Enables manual stash placement tool. Stashes cannot be unearthed when enabled and stashes will be automatically given.
  • /stashshow: Toggles On/Off – Will show admin the location of all plugin related stashes.
  • /stashdestroyall: This will destroy all server stashes created by, or with this plugin.
  • /genstashes: This will force generate all stashes that are missing.
  • /regenstashes: This will remove, and then replace all stashes from this plugin.

Config explanations

The configuration file of the Stash Warning System provides a number of options to customize the functionality of the plugin to your server needs. The options include:

Auto Demo Recorder (ADR) settings

  • API: ADR reason: The reason that will be given to ADR, and is sent to discord along with the recording.
  • API: ADR recording length in mins: How long the recording should be in minutes.
  • API: ADR Trigger recording when stashes found/triggered more than: When the recording should trigger.

Discord Settings

  • Discord: Color: Color for the embed message, see here.
  • Discord: Embed Title: The title of the embed inside discord.
  • Discord: Send Stash Toggle Msgs: If notifications should be sent to discord when an admin toggles the stash command.
  • Discord: Webhook Server Name: The server where the notification is sent from, useful for when you have multiple servers.
  • Discord: Webhook URL: See here.

Misc Settings

  • SteamID for in-game chat icon: This will be used to assign against placed stashes for tracking. Do not change this to a user on the server, leave as is if you don’t have another steamid.
  • Embed count buckets in hours: This should be a string, comma-separated. This will be the bucket embeds in discord, to show the count of stashes found for the user, inside the hour brackets.

Stash Settings

  • Stash Items: The items that you would like to be automatically filled when a stash is placed.
  • Stash Item Slots To Fill: Max: The maximum amount of slots to fill.
  • Stash Item Slots To Fill: Min: The minimum amount of slots to fill.

Auto Ban Settings

  • Auto Ban False Positive Distance: Stashes found in this distance will be considered false positives.
  • Auto Ban False Positive – Include in count?: If the above false positives should be counted in the triggers.
  • Ignore Admins: If admins should be ignored when unearthing stashes not belonging to them.
  • Auto Ban Delay In Min: Delays auto bans by X minutes.
  • Delete found server stash after X seconds (0 = Disables): Will automatically delete server stashes that were found, after X seconds.